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Edit for EDC17C64, EDC17C74 and EDC17_C54 is now enabled !
11 July 2024 10:22
After improving the map list search and some others corrections, it is time to enable editing. The free edition lasts about 6 months! Enjoy :)
Added BMW EDC17 Ecus
22 March 2024 14:34
It's in first initial tests, so editing is now disabled. Some things are unknown.
Now You can search maplist for BMW EDC17_C06, EDC17_C41, DC17_C50, EDC17_C56, EDC17_CP02, EDC17_CP09 and C17_CP45 ecus, so enjoy :)
Tested on a lot BMW cars - E60, E90, X5, X6 and more. But newer ecus = less files to tests
Injection Duration CR - EDC17 - data factor added
29 February 2024 12:40
Injection Duration CR at ED17 has beed corrected - we added factor 0.4 for data - now data should be ok to compare from datalogging ecu.
Edit upgrade - y axe and others things
27 February 2024 12:32
We added some options at map edit - new map diff - shows difference between ori maps and compared. It also have new option - copy map from compared to orig. Also now edit y axe is enabled! And some little changes - cleaned and tidied up map show view.
Added some maps for EDC16CP
15 February 2024 15:41
We added some missed maps: Gear limiters, SOI Boost Limiter, Soi Selector, SVRailLimiter and VMax. Test and Enjoy :)
Added VAG EDC17_C54, EDC17C64 and EDC17C74 Ecu
30 January 2024 12:43
It's in first initial tests, so editing is now disabled. Some things are unknown.
Now You can search maplist for EDC17_C54, EDC17C64 and EDC17C74, so enjoy :)
Tested on a lot some VAG cars - but not much, engines 1.6 and 2.0. So test and report if incorrect working :) no EDC17_CP54 !
Added Mapsensor and corrected EGR + EGR Hysteresis at VAG EDC17
29 November 2023 19:01
Added Mapsensor Linearisation map at VAG EDC17, better search for EGR Hysteresis and Factor % added for standard EGR maps
Map search corrections for BMW - EDC16C31, EDC16C35 and EDC16CP35
27 October 2023 12:05
Tidy up maps, search and units. Better service for tuned files. We have saved mappacks for many softwares/versions - it help to find maps if file is tuned hard :) But important is size of a file - C31 have 1MB or 2MB, C35 and CP35 have 2MB.
If we have saved mappack with 1MB - if you upload 2MB file - adding missing maps won't work. Of course - We may also have the wrong original file size saved - then please report it.
Edit for BMW EDC16 is now enabled ! And some updates at VAG EDC16
06 September 2023 10:20
Edit for BMW EDC16C31, EDC16C3 and EDC16CP35 is now enabled ! Also there was some correction at VAG EDC16 R4 Map Sensor and added Single Value Rev Limiter (SVRL) to EDC16CP
Added Mapsensor at EDC16, Driver Wish Selector and Gear Limiters for VAG EDC16
11 May 2023 14:34
Added Mapsensor Linearisation map at all EDC16, Driver Wish Selector map and Gear Limiters maps for EDC16U1, EDC16U31 and EDC16U34

EDC Master HP

This is web analyzer of ecu EDC files. Software try to open and find most popular ecu maps for engine power tuning. Also there is a calculated power and torque graph which shows estimated values. After registration You can also edit maps.

    We search main maps like:
  • Driver Wish
  • Torque Limiter
  • EGR
  • IQ Nm Conversion
  • IQ Limit by MAF
  • IQ LImit by MAP
  • Injection Durations
  • Start of Injections
  • Lambda
  • N75
  • Turbo Boost
  • Turbo Limiter
  • SVBL - Single Value Boost Limiter
  • Selectors ...
  • Virtual Maps *
  • Gear Limiters
  • Injection Duration CR
  • Rail Pressure
  • Rail Limiter
  • Start IQ
  • SVRL - Single Value Rev Limiter
  • SVRailLimiter - Single Value Rail Limiter
  • SOI Boost Limiter

Virtual Maps * - It's our's name for maps without own axes (or not together in memory). There are some like this in usually EDC16U1, and they have axes far away from maps data (Driver Wish). Also some Start of Injection map could have common axes with another SOI maps.

We also have checker of the DPF, to know if it is on/off. And some 'Map Checker' which can help in calculaction of End of Injection, Air Fuel Ratio e.t.c

We have calculated power chart with estimated torque and power, so you can fast check results. In calculations liiters are not used - only Torque Limiter and some torque factors.

EDC Master HP search map lists of VAG, some GM and BMW drivers:

  • EDC16U1
  • EDC16U31
  • EDC16U34
  • EDC16C9
  • EDC16C39
  • EDC16CP and EDC16CP34
  • EDC17_CP14
  • EDC17_CP20
  • EDC17_C46
  • EDC17_CP04
  • EDC17_CP24
  • EDC17_CP44
  • BMW EDC16C31
  • EDC16C35
  • EDC16CP35
  • EDC17_C54 - new
  • EDC17C64 - new
  • EDC17C74 - new

This list will be upgraded to next drivers :)

We do not take responsibility for the unconscious use of persons who do not know the techniques of car software modification!

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