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Shop rules

1. General provisions

1.1. The EDCMASTERHP website available at www.edcmasterhp.com is run by the EDCMASTERHP company with the address of the place of business and the address for service: ul. Olszańska, nr 7, 31513 Kraków, Poland, NIP (tax identification number): 6782771274, REGON: 525467651

1.2. These Regulations are addressed to both consumers and entrepreneurs using the Online Store.

2. Definitions

Regulations - these regulations specifying the rules for concluding distance sales contracts via the Online Store, the rules for the performance of these contracts, the rights and obligations of the parties to the distance sales contract and the rules for the complaint procedure.

Customer - buyer; any natural person, legal person or organizational unit without legal personality who purchases licenses in our store

Goods - a service that can be purchased in our store, and more specifically a temporary license to use services on the server.

Website - website www.edcmasterhp.com where services are provided.

3. Description of the services provided

The www.edcmasterhp.com website is a tool facilitating the performance of services commonly referred to as 'Chip Tuning'. The store sells licenses to use the above service for various car drivers/computers. Each license covers one or more such controllers/computers. Each license is sold for a specific period of time, after which it becomes inactive. The products are categorized as "Digital Content".

4. Rules for using the online store

To make a purchase, you must be a registered user and be logged in to the system. To purchase a given license, you must express your willingness to purchase and make an online payment. After payment, the purchased license for use will be extended accordingly. The purchase is made only through a web browser. In the event of problems with the approval of the sale, the system itself tries to link the payment to the appropriate customer. In case of problems, please write to help@edcmasterhp.com . By making a purchase, the buyer agrees to the sending of information regarding the execution of the order by electronic means, i.e. e-mail. The service begins as soon as the payment is accepted and there is a confirmation from the payment system.

5. Information about payment methods in the online store

The current payment method is the PayPal system (as a private person), in which funds are transferred from the account of the user who purchases the licenses.

The new PayU system will be able to make transfers directly from your bank account as fast internet transfers. Other payment options will also be available - to be specified after full implementation of PayU.

6. Information about the costs and methods of delivery of goods in the online store

The licenses sold are "Digital Content" and therefore not subject to physical delivery. The delivery is electronic, so there are no delivery costs.

7. Return policy in the online store

The buyer has the right to return the goods within 14 days - a temporary license to use the services. After submitting a return request to help@edcmasterhp.com, purchased licenses will be suspended and refunded within 14 days. There are no shipping costs for electronic services. The money will be refunded through the same channel it was paid for - if possible. Then, please provide the email address of your account on our website and the type of license to be returned.

8. Information about the possibility of making a complaint and its conditions

The buyer has the right to complain about the product if he believes that it does not work properly. You should then write an email to help@edcmasterhp.com - or in the form on the website. The complaint will be considered within 14 days.

9. Technical requirements

To use the Website, upload files and edit them, the following are necessary:

  • terminal device with access to the Internet and a web browser
  • cookies enabled
  • for comfortable operation, devices with a screen width of at least 1000px are recommended

10. Final Provisions

In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of Polish law shall apply, in particular the Civil Code and the provisions of the Act on special conditions of consumer sales and amendments to the Civil Code of July 18, 2002 (Polish Journal of Laws 2001 No. 144 item 1204) provisions of the Act on consumer of May 30, 2014 (Polish Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827, as amended); and other relevant provisions of generally applicable law.

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