Terms of use

  1. All activities on the website www.edcmasterhp.com are performed by the user at their own risk. The website tries to ensure proper operation, but is not responsible for any errors.
  2. To properly modify the software of a given driver, you need to know chip tuning. Incorrect operation may lead to damage to the controller or the motor.
  3. When searching for maps, it may happen that the given map is not recognized correctly and is of the wrong type. The website tries to prevent such situations from occurring, but sometimes it is difficult to establish such criteria so that it searches properly in many versions of the driver software.
  4. You can register one account only per one email address
  5. Registration from virtual, temporary e-mail addresses is prohibited. When a suspicious email address is detected, you will be asked to confirm your email address again. If this does not happen, the account will be blocked and later deleted, and the user will not be able to enter his projects, modify them and get final file.
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